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Professional Air Nike

Post by kobe2424 on Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:00 am

cheap nike shoes, a NASA engineer - Frank Rudy had an idea: the use of sports shoes in the movement of the air to reduce vibration. Several companies in 1977, he advanced the idea, but was refused - in addition to Nike. Rudy was with Nike and became the first cushion development.
The exercise to buy nike shoes, the body maintained by enormous gravity of landing foot, but also have a considerable impact. The biggest impact on the human body is the feet after the landing transferred between the ground and back.
Therefore, the functionality of the shock decision of shoes good or bad is the crucial factor. Professional Air Nike (NIKE AIR) tousing polyurethane material of the balloon, balloon filled with macromolecules a special high-pressure gas men nike dunk sb. When the cushionlook to external shocks, it quickly provides a buffer and put your feet on the ground may be soft, but it will quickly resume their original shape.
Nike Shoes Online Store than any traditional interlayer material is lighter and more durable. It allows you to exercise more, feel better and reduce the risk of injury. It's writeen by shen206 on 08.19.


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